Dr. Maria Wisman, PT, DPT, CSCS

Former Ohio State and USA Cheerleader

Do you want?

  • explosive jumps

  • sharper motions

  • impeccable body control

  • stable stunts

  • strong tumbling

Let me be your Digital Cheer Strength and Conditioning Coach!!!

Helping cheer teams go from good to GREAT WITHOUT adding more practice time

Strength 4 Cheer App

Key Features:

1. All-Inclusive Athlete App: A user-friendly interface designed for athletes of all levels. Log progress, enter results, and more.

2. Tailored Monthly Workouts: Benefit from 3 expert-designed workouts each week, designed to minimize injuries and elevate performance. The same programming that boosted my journey to Team USA.

3. Diverse Training Levels: Catering to all cheerleaders, from basic and bodyweight levels to advanced athletes.

4. Specialized Programs for Bases & Flyers: Programs curated for specific roles to enhance team dynamics.

5.Integrated Exercise Videos: Streamline your training with instructional videos accompanying each exercise.

6. Peak Performance Programming: Year-long schedules ensuring you or your team is are at its peak for major competitions.

7. Exclusive Band App Group Access: Engage with peers, compete in app competitions, and enjoy direct connectivity with me, Maria, for queries.

8. Interactive Monthly Zoom Sessions: Collaborate with fellow cheer teams and athletes, addressing all questions regarding the app's usage.

9. Exclusive Guest Speaker Calls: Learn more from industry experts as we invite dietician, sports psychologists, college coaches and more to talk with your cheer teams!

Why Use Me?

  • Unique and Superior Strength and Conditioning Program

    • Extensive experience in USA cheer at the top level of the sport

    • Doctorate degree in physical therapy

    • Certified strength and conditioning specialization

  • In-Depth Understanding of Competitive Cheerleading

    • Excelled in competitive cheerleading

    • Recognize physical requirements and specific athlete needs

  • Tailored Program for Maximum Performance and Injury Prevention

    • Personalized approach based on first-hand experience

    • Minimizes injury risk while maximizing performance potential

  • Comprehensive Knowledge from Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy

    • Expertise in human anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics

    • Incorporates evidence-based practices and progressive training methods

  • Unparalleled Effectiveness, Safety, and Performance Enhancement

    • Combining expertise in competitive cheer, physical therapy, and personal training

    • Program designed to help athletes reach their highest potential

Other's results:

The University of Toledo Cheerleading

"Our program has been in need of a strength and conditioning program that is just not offered to the cheer program through our school. We were struggling to get weight room access as well as proper lifting techniques and workouts that would benefit cheerleaders specifically. Dr. Maria Wisman's Everyone Should Lift Program was just the resource my program needed... She does such a great job using her knowledge to help her athletes and also will work with the coach to create the specific lifting program that works best for you. I cannot speak highly enough of The Cheer Doctor!"

-Kaylie Edwards University of Toledo Cheerleading Head Coach

New Albany High School Cheerleading

"I hired Maria Wisman to work with my entire high school cheer program for 8 weeks this summer and I have been so excited about the change I have seen in all of my cheerleaders. My incoming freshmen have already started to look like more mature high school athletes instead of beginners, while many of my advanced upperclassmen are gaining new skills, have improved their jumps and tumbling and are now top collegiate recruits... She is an unbelievable resource! She has a dynamic personal experience that she uses to her advantage to engage young athletes while still being an extremely friendly and positive role model for high school and college level athletes. She offers much more than what she is worth! You’d be crazy not to use Maria in your cheer program!"

-Andrea McCullough, Head Cheer Coach

Still have questions? Schedule a free consultation with Maria before signing up for the Strength 4 Cheer App

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Below is an example of what the inside of the app looks like.

This is a "Base Basic" program is for someone who is a base, but only has access to minimal (basic) equipment (DBs, KBs, bands)

Once you sign up, you will choose from Base Bodyweight, Base Basic (minimal equipment), Base Intermediate (full weight room access), Base Advanced, Flyer Bodyweight, Flyer Basic, Flyer Intermediate, and Flyer Advanced.

All programs are designed with the assumption that the bases/flyers are also tumblers.

When you click on the exercise, a video pops up with how to do it and a space pops up to input your results.

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