Physical Therapist and Strength Coach That Understands YOU

As a former Ohio State and USA Cheerleader, I understand the frustration when medical providers and strength coaches do not understand your sport.

When going back to a high level sport like cheerleading after an injury it is important to work with a provider who understands you AND the demands of your sport.

What We Offer

Physical Therapy

We identify, diagnose, and treat movement problems. Our treatment maintains and restores as much function as possible, so you can cheer (or just function) better without pain.

1-1 Online Training, In-Person Training, Team Lifting

We provide personal training for cheerleaders who want to utilize strength and conditioning to get stronger, more powerful, faster, leaner, improve their cheer skills, and reach their full potential. I also travel to cheer gyms/schools to help run their strength and conditioning program

Strength 4 Cheer App

I provide digital strength and conditioning coaching to cheerleaders and cheer teams looking to take their strength and conditioning training to the next level.

Group Lifting

I host group lifting classes for cheerleaders, Click below to learn more!

What Others Are Saying:

“Maria has absolutely changed my cheerleading abilities in every way. Her ability to pinpoint what each individual athlete needs is astonishing. I struggled with terrible lower back pain that was holding me back from reaching my full potential. Once I began working with Maria I noticed that pain became less with every workout. I’ve grown stronger and learned how to unlock my full ability with Maria’s help. Everything from my confidence, strength, stamina and over all ability to do skills wouldn’t be anywhere close to where it’s at now without Maria’s help!”

-Gabby Krenitsky, Ohio State Cheer Commit

I started going to the cheer doctor to gain strength for tumbling and stunting. when I first started going, I was really struggling on my standing tuck to get it consistent. No matter how many reps I did it just wouldn’t get consistent. Until I started doing these workouts, not only has my standing tuck gotten consistent, my tumbling is much more powerful on any surface. With stunting, I have so much more power as a base and control under the stunt.

-Cassidy Donaldson, Highschool Cheerleader

"Maria was extremely knowledgeable about my ongoing neck stiffness and nerve pain. With the help of her exercises and tools I am now living life with little to no pain! Can’t thank her enough!"

-David Saunders, Physical Therapy Patient



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